Dennis Potvin - Tennessee Democrat

Vets to the Front of the Line

Thanks to nearby Fort Campbell, we are blessed to have some of the bravest men and women in America as our neighbors and coworkers. To embrace this fact, it’s time that Clarksville moves veterans to the front of the hiring process, by offering greater incentives to employers who put our servicemen and servicewomen first. The SEI Program needs to be doubled.

Furthermore, veterans who open small businesses should receive subsidies in the first two years of operation as a way to promote the growth of these businesses, which employ more people in our community than do the factories. A typical model would be a 50% lease subsidy in the first year and 25% in the second, helping business owners survive difficult startups.

Remember this – our Veterans stood at the front of the line to protect us. Now, let’s return the favor by putting them to the front of the line to protect them and their families.

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