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Tennessee State Platforms

As the nation grapples with the decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, Tennesseans must ensure that we see clearly the issues affecting us every day. Here are some of those issues:

  1. Tennessee ranks #1 in most filings for bankruptcy in the United States, and over 60% of bankruptcies by individuals are for reasons of health care costs.
  2. Tennessee ranks 3rd in most violent crimes (by state) in America.
  3. We have the 5th highest sales tax of any state in the country, and sales tax in Clarksville is one of the highest of any city in America.
  4. Tennessee is the 10th highest state for people living in poverty, which falls perfectly in line with also being 10th in fewest high school and college graduates.

These are not Top 10 lists to be proud of. But with the right leadership, there is time to right the ship and make Tennessee the great state it deserves to be. The following are issues that I’d like to discuss as a representative in our state government. As you read these proposals and wonder where the money is coming from, remember that Tennessee has a state operating budget of $35 billion, with over $532 million going to one school system (UT) and $668 million sitting in reserves. This is unused taxpayer money sitting in the bank waiting for a ‘Rainy Day’.

Our last two recessions (the mini-recession of 2000 and the major one in 2008) immediately followed periods in which the federal government amassed major Rainy Day reserves. Today, our nation has well over $40 billion in taxpayer dollars sitting in the bank. That’s more money than the total operating budgets of 35 states in the US.

Our Current Representative

Representative Curtis Johnson has run unopposed in the past three elections. He has spent 14 years in Tennessee legislature across 7 terms. He and a Republican-run Congress have had decades to turn the tide for Tennessee, to propose legislation to address our problems.

This past May, Representative Johnson and other members of Congress pushed for the following bills to get the seal of approval before the recess:

These represent nearly half of the bills pushed up to Governor’s desk in May 2016. Three of the bills advocate more widespread liquor sales. I refuse to believe that conservative, religious, right-wing voters want their elected officials drafting bills to increase liquor sales in our state.

None of the proposed bills involved taxes, none involved education, none involved public safety or public health.

As a legislator, Dennis Potvin will sponsor bills that actually affect Tennessee residents in meaningful ways. Here is how we’ll do it:

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