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Relieving the Congestion with Roads and Rideshares

We need to relieve the growing congestion of our roads by widening them in key areas, particularly surrounding our schools. Drivers know that Trenton, Warfield and Rossview Roads experience enormous volumes of traffic throughout the day, and these roads are practically closed for traffic congestion at least twice per day during the start and end of school days. We need to accelerate the process of widening roads and adding lanes as our population grows at the current rate.

In addition, we need to promote legislation that supports enhanced public transportation between Clarksville and Nashville, whether in the form of commuter trains, buses or Vanpools designed to emulate Michigan’s MichiVan Program.

With MichiVan, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT, along with Enterprise Rideshare) supplies fully insured passenger vans to commuter groups of 7 to 15 riders who travel the same daily route. Riders pay monthly fees as low as $67 per month (about $3 per workday) for full use of the oversized passenger van. One person volunteers to be the primary driver and rides for free. This program was developed by the MDOT and should be used by TDOT as well. Not only is it better for traffic congestion, but it also better on the environment. Imagine being able to drive round-trip each day from Clarksville to Nashville with a familiar group of faces for only $3 per day. We can do it!

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