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Revitalize the Downtown Area

We need to support Mayor Kim McMillan’s vision of a revitalized downtown and riverfront district, which would take advantage of Clarksville’s scenic beauty and embrace its history. The downtown area was struck twice by recent disasters, with the tornado of 1999 and the flood of 2010. Clarksville residents have rebuilt before and want to continue doing so.

Enough years have passed for our downtown to return to (and exceed) its former status as the center of our economic and government activity. Using the model of vibrant riverfront cities of similar size (such as Savannah, GA), Clarksville should encourage the rise of new saloons, coffee shops, bookstores, clothing stores, media stores … even a renovated, grand Roxy Theatre.

Clarksville is a college town, a young town, a growing town … and even has two shores of riverfront at its disposal. Imagine a riverfront area with so many stops that trolley cars and ferryboats continuously ran along the streets and shore, safely transporting people from area to area. It’s time to promote Clarksville as an alternative to Nashville tourists. It’s time to bring live music here on a regular basis. If Jazz on the Lawn, Fright on Franklin, and Jammin’ in the Alley prove anything, it’s that residents will come out in droves for great entertainment. It’s time to fully realize our potential as a happening getaway destination AND a great place to live.

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