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Dennis Potvin's Pledge to Voters

It took 44 years for me to join the political arena. For 22 years in the manufacturing industry, I enjoyed promotions and raises and a better quality of life for my family with every new year. I could have easily continued along that path and simply been a spectator.

But 2016 became a turning point in my life. Throughout the election of 2016, I became increasingly discouraged by the behavior of our candidates. Our nation has become seriously divided and we cannot withstand a civil war between races, between classes or between political parties. Americans deserve better than this. And by voting, Americans control their destiny.

Rather than become despondent, I instead became determined to offer the people of my community, of my state and of my country - the greatest nation on earth - a different choice for lawmaker and a different voice to truly represent the 98% and not just a portion of it.

I will not conform to every preconceived platform of this party. I do not approve of employers having to pay full salaries for employees to take leaves of absence; manufacturers already struggle with unpaid leaves under FMLA. I do not believe in doubling the minimum wage to $15 an hour; this will effectively kill-off small businesses and farmers that employ family members. It will lead to mass inflation and will lead to fewer students pursuing college educations. If minimum wage is doubled, it will cripple fast food restaurants, dollar stores, thrift stores and newspapers. Entry-level-wage jobs have been a part of strong economies as well as bad ones.

Democrats need to stop swinging for the fences and realize that four singles are as good as a home run. In the private sector, this is called compromise. Rather than fight for Medicare for All, I would fight for Medicare for Young and Old. I believe in limits to social benefits. I support the Constitution and its Amendments, from the 2nd Amendment to the 14th Amendment. We cannot propose bills that punish 99% of Americans who abide by the law to address the 1% who break it.

It is not too early to reconsider the decisions of our recent national election, and it is also not too early to start thinking about the next election in 2018. It is time for Democrats to rejoin the fight, to stand up and make their voices heard. It’s time to Reboot the Party. This will take hard work. This will take mileage. We will need to wake up a little earlier, stay up a little later, work a little harder, play a little less and do what it takes to win back voters. Our children deserve it.

As your legislator, I am willing to sacrifice my time for the good of our government. I have been moved to action. And now is the time for action, not words.

It’s time to make America an America of States United.

Yours truly,

Dennis J. Potvin

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