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Tennesseans must make tough but fundamental decisions about our future, and as one of the five largest cities in the state, Clarksville must lead the charge. We live in a city with enormous growth and unlimited potential, covering 95 square miles of middle Tennessee. We need to turn this potential into reality. This takes smart state budgeting, the right funding and hard work. The more we invest in the future of our city, the greater the reward will be.

Many companies have recently moved to our area, and Clarksville now ranks below both the US employment rate of 5% and the Tennessee rate of 4.6%. But let’s make sure that companies move here for the right reasons (such as low energy costs, a booming population or our central location) and not for the wrong reasons (lack of unions, lower wages) that inversely impact our workers.

Clarksville has the resources, the want, the community, and the pride of its residents to improve its quality of life. Below are a few ideas that Dennis Potvin has to improve Clarksville...

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