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Help District 68, Clarksville Montgomery County, become a force to be reckoned with. Put a Democratic voice in the Tennessee House of Representatives and help to improve and Reunite Tennessee. Donate to the Committee to Elect Dennis Potvin campaign, volunteer to help the campaign, and meet with other local democrats to make your voice heard.

Tennessee State Law allows a maximum of $1,500 in election donations for private citizens. PAC's may donate up to $7,800. Please include your occupation when donating as this is necessary when reporting to the State. Thank you.

Reunite Tennessee - Dennis Potvin

Get Your Yard Sign!

Dennis Potvin Yard Sign

Yard signs are expected to be in mid-May. Show your support for Dennis Potvin by allowing us to put a sign in your yard. There is no cost, we will drop it off, and pick it up after the election. If you would like a sign, please contact us through our form and be sure to include your address.

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