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Free Meals in Schools = Nutrition and Inclusion

Students at Clarksville Public Schools need to have access to a free, hot breakfast and hot lunch every day while at school. As malnutrition in America grows among children, it’s time for cities to embrace a growing movement in America, which addresses a real issue and takes advantage of the fact that schools already have cafeterias with the capacity to perform the task.

Children should arrive at school and eat together every morning before starting their day. This will ensure that children have the energy needed to learn at their maximum potential. Furthermore, it promotes inclusion among all students, as they are all treated equally and have the chance to break bread together twice per day.

Schoolkids will then have lunch together later in the schedule, again with all children treated equally and fed a nutritious meal off the menu. This program would guarantee that every child in public schools in Tennessee are given two guaranteed meals per day. It relieves the burden of preparing breakfast from busy parents, and levels the playing field between the haves and have-nots. Now every child knows that they can learn without worry of hunger. And – children who go to school every day are rewarded with two free meals every day as well, from K-8.

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