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The Democratic Party does not need to be rebuilt, but I believe it needs a reboot. I believe that it needs a reboot of its operating system because Democrats have forgotten many of the millions of people they represent. In the 2016 elections, Democrats lost many of their voters by focusing on issues that catered to small groups and which were too specific for most of the population to care. The common voter, i.e. the working class family, the single parent, minorities, students struggling to enter the workplace – or all of the above – cares about job security, national security, affordable health care and the protection of their Constitutional Rights. Democrats in 2016 became a virtual fourth party catering to specific interests and left the ‘working man’ behind in doing so.

Let’s change that. Let’s reboot the system.

Let’s talk about the issues, particularly as they affect the state of Tennessee. In the following pages, I will discuss these and other issues that are vital to our community such as:

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