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Cutting the Waste Out of the State Budget

A review of the 2016-2017 Tennessee State Budget (readily available online) is a course in “How a Government Wastes Taxpayer Dollars”. Let me summarize some of the increases in our 2017 budget. Keep in mind that our operating budget is nearly $35 billion, including $16 billion from state-driven tax and $13 billion from federal taxes. Here’s what we are adding, on top of what was already allotted in the last budget:

Every taxpayer interested in our state budget for 2017 can read the entire document online, to verify everything I just listed. We need legislators in Nashville who will advocate for increased spending in law enforcement and health care and a lot less spending on new computers and for one out of the 71 colleges in our state. We have 71 higher learning institutions and one of them is getting all the money while still charging resident students $29,000 a year to attend.

With $668 million sitting in the bank (as reserves) at the state level (and over $40 billion at the national level), perhaps it’s time to think about spending more on law enforcement, more on nutrition and inclusion, more on health care for young and old, more on veterans, more on local colleges, more on improving roads. Perhaps it’s time to lower the consumption tax that penalizes the needy. The rainy day is upon us, fellow taxpayers. We pay a lot of money and now is the time to spend some of it, to make lives better for every Tennessean.

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