Dennis Potvin - Tennessee Democrat

Clean Up Clarksville!

TennesseeWorks LLC logo You may have seen a man walking along Dunbar Cave Road on weekends, picking up litter and putting it in white bags. That was me. Ever since we’ve lived in our neighborhood, I have volunteered my time and unofficially adopted the half-mile stretch of road along Swan Lake Golf Course. Litter pickup and overall conservation of our resources is important to me. Tennessee is too beautiful to be covered in litter.

Many residents call upon convicts to clean up their mess, but I have a better solution. Our community is home to many with special needs; specifically, people with the physical ability to perform certain tasks that may seem menial to many of us, but which still need to be done. The empowerment of giving a person with special needs a job that they can perform and for which they can be compensated is rewarding to everyone involved. Clarksville needs to team up with TennesseeWorks LLC and assemble a Cleanup Force and get to work immediately, cleaning up our beautiful city, and then take a serious look at the advantages of bottle returns and recycling for money.

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