Dennis Potvin - Tennessee Democrat

Sharing the Wealth with Our Animal Shelters

Tennessee has $35 billion in taxpayer money to spend, yet cannot afford even a bag of dogfood for our animal shelters. Politicians like to pretend that animal shelters aren’t vital. That they don’t need money in order to operate. That they have no real value and can survive on kindness and generosity. Yet I believe that, if every shelter in Tennessee closed its doors for a month, the impact would be catastrophic. Pet overpopulation is real and it deserves attention.

Nearly every home or apartment has a dog or a cat, yet we can’t assign ONE PENNY to the care and housing of lost or unwanted animals? We can spend $52 million on executive raises but cannot buy a few bags of cat food? We can give the University of Tennessee $532 million … but can’t give our shelters a dime? We can hold $668 million in the bank but not share any of it to help out the true volunteers, the ones who care for our pets and keep them off our streets?

In just one year, our shelters are forced to euthanize and dispose of over 100,000 domestic animals. One of the reasons is simply for a lack of space or lack of resources.

As a lawmaker in Tennessee, I would propose legislation that allocates funds to go towards helping to support our shelters and the underpaid (or volunteer) workers that work there. Without raising taxes at all, I would GLADLY reallocate several million dollars of the $532 million from UT to help take care of our furry neighbors, who help make our lives so wonderful.

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